Infused Being Therapy: Are You Ready?

Critical Attitudes for Recovery and Beyond

Please read over the following list of self-examination statements and get a sense of how you align with their essence.

1. Are you willing to be ruthlessly honest with yourself?
2. Can you allow the possibility of the existence of a Higher Power, Universal Intelligence, or a Source?
3. Can you embrace comprehensive change?
4. Do you know somehow in some way that there is a part of you, an inner voice, that begs for full recovery?
5. Are you willing to face your shortcomings, process them, and MOVE ON? Or are you addicted to misery as well?
6. Would you like to find that spark of the Creator or Higher Power that you brought in to this world with you and allow it to flourish, expand, grow? Perhaps turn it into a roaring fire?
7. Have you tried “everything” and still struggle to stay sober?

***If you answered ‘Yes’ to 2 or more of the above, this program has great potential for you. If you answered “No” to Question #2, your chances for success in recovery therapy with me are slim.

Questions or Ready to Begin? Contact Bryan Crusius LPC 

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