Sound Healing Therapy Dallas

Our physical body has an energy body similar to an octave of sound.

Our life experiences can cause one or more of our individual notes to go “out of tune”.

Bryan Crusius Sound HealingBryan Crusius, LPC provides Dallas Sound Healing Therapy sessions.

During Sound Healing Sessions, Bryan uses quartz crystal bowls with varying vibration and tonal qualities to bathe the body in calming, resonant sound. The sound vibrations, combined with light guided meditation, assist in re-setting out of phase elements; and in restoring a wholeness to the entire self.

Science tells us that the most profound healing takes place during sleep and in deep states of relaxation. Your emotional healing might be hindered by restless sleep and a lack of relaxation time. Sitting meditation practice induces this state in many people. However, a regular sitting meditation practice is elusive and not possible for many.

Sound Meditation: Direct Avenue to a Healing Meditative State

Sound Healing - Waves of EnergyIf you are like me, your thoughts have kept you from feeling a deep inner peace at times; it is as if we are at war within ourselves. The mind just refuses to be silent.

It is here that Sound Healing with quartz crystal bowls is so effective. The tones repeatedly demonstrate their power to interrupt the thought process, taking us to a state of stillness. It is in these precious moments where even the busiest mind can discover its innate capacity to experience serenity. From this moment on, anything is possible.

Private Sound Healing Sessions with Bryan Crusius, LPC

It is my wish for you to heal. Enjoy the bowls and the healing energies they offer.

Private Sound Healing Sessions include use of resonant crystal bowls and light guided meditation.

To schedule an appointment, please Contact Bryan Crusius, LPC.

Need Traditional Talk Therapy?

It would be my honor to be your guide to a happier, less stressful and more fulfilling life. If I can be of assistance in your journey to health and wholeness – please contact me.

Call 214-226-9602 or Contact Bryan Crusius, LPC.

Group Sound Healing Meditations

Group Sound Healing Meditations are scheduled each month.
For the latest schedule, please see the Events page.

Sound Healing Articles by Bryan Crusius.

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