Quick Tips for Anxiety and Depression: Removing Physical Clutter

The following article is a short version of my blog article, The Attachments that Bind You: Physical Clutter, Pt. 2. A brief scan will avail the reader some quick tips on how to help lift anxiety and depression.

Time To Clear a Space!

Time To Clear a Space!

Conduct a Brief Inventory

Survey your living and business space. If there is a lot of needless possessions and things lying around, take an honest look at what might be behind their presence. Is your physical clutter in your living environment a mirror to some mental counterpart? Could you benefit by beginning to clear it?

Very often, we can feel stuck, literally frozen, as if we have no space in which to think. If clutter is an issue for you, consider clearing it, layer by layer.

Quick Tips to Begin Clearing Clutter

  • Don’t view clutter as an all or nothing proposition. It isn’t, no matter how you are perceiving it!
  • When clearing, ground and center yourself in the present moment. Take some deep breaths. Drink plenty of water, filtered if available. Keep the ‘flow’ going!
  • Do clear in baby steps; as your sense of freedom and power increases, you can clear greater amounts.
  • When an emotion surfaces, take the time to sit in silence for a few moments. Ask why you are feeling this way in response to this clearing.
  • Regarding the above, at times the ego will create feelings of despair as a last ditch attempt to hold on to illusions in 3D reality.
  • Consider tossing photo albums, journals, etc. I have found this to be especially powerful as I released feelings of guilt and shame that were rooted in the past!
  • Don’t overlook high tech storage like hard drives with reams of useless information and downloads. I have erased entire drives all at once!
  • Although I typically feel some positive emotion or sense of lightness the same day I conduct a physical clearing, give yourself 24-48 hours to feel relief and to sense the expansion in your consciousness/mental space.

The Payoff Is Huge!

This exercise has had a huge positive effect and my generalized anxiety has improved greatly! As you clear the physical congestion in your 3D spaces, your consciousness has more area in which to expand. My experience has informed me that physical clutter can hold and thus trigger deep emotional pain. It can serve to hold aspects of your inauthentic self in present time, even after you believed you had transcended that through working your Spiritual path. So, is it time to release and let go?

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