Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery

Bryan Crusius, LPC - Book: Life EnthusiasmNow Available!

Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery

ISBN: 1478739703


About This Book

• Are you looking for a path to Recovery beyond AA?
• Are you stuck on the advice to ‘connect with Spirit’?
• Looking for a path to Recovery that involves the whole person?
• Want to discover a path to your own personal Spirituality –
free from any particular religious doctrine?
• Want a framework and method to recover your Life Enthusiasm?
• Then you need to read this book!

Bryan Crusius, LPCAuthor: Bryan Crusius, LPC

Treating the Whole Person

I believe in treating the ‘whole’ person: Body, Mind and Spirit. My practice is ecumenical with regard to ‘Spirit’. I agree with AA (Alcoholics Anonymous): Recovery from addiction is difficult to impossible without reliance on a Higher Power.

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