Infused Being Therapy by Bryan Crusius, LPC

I use an integrated treatment approach to all my therapy and counseling.

Most therapy sessions run 80 minutes and are a combination of Cognitive Talk Therapy (25-30 minutes) followed by 50 minutes of an eclectic combination of Supportive Energy Therapies (see Supportive Energy Therapies). The combination is tailored to the client’s needs after the Initial Evaluation Session, and is adjusted throughout the treatment process.

The above approach has had the best results to date. However, clients may choose to utilize either cognitive talk therapy only (50 minute session) or energy treatment only (50 minute session).


I can be most effective in therapy when the client gives me a sense of the issues to focus upon. In the first session, we discuss client goals and craft an initial therapy plan.

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Energy Therapies at Infused Being Therapy

Recovering from Addiction and Trauma involves the whole person.

In my experience: Energy Therapies Support Healing on All Levels

Why do I stress a mode of treatment that stresses and utilizes Life Force Energy?

Because it Works! Energy therapies break through barriers.

Energy therapies often deliver insights to the client and aid in uncovering blocks to healing & recovery.

Energy therapies help clients find or strengthen their spiritual connection. Once the essence of Spirit is uncovered, the process to recovery is accelerated.

This process varies from individual to individual, and can be self-directing after a certain amount of sessions. If you have read the list of qualifications for treatment and have a sense of agreement with its statements, then you are likely to experience excellent results. (Please see my Treatment Philosophy: Are You Ready for Infused Being Therapy?)

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Bryan Crusius,LPC, Author of 'Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery'

Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery by Bryan Crusius, LPC

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