The Essence of Infused Life Force Energy©

The following article is provided to clarify the process and content of the Infused Life Force Energy©   class conducted at the Dallas Meditation Center.

Waves of Energy

Waves of Energy

The core truth of any energy modality should reveal that the Life Force is inherent in every living thing. Life Force Energy, also known as Chi, Qi, Prana, and other names is simply the animating force that runs through all things. It is the force that beats your heart, grows your hair, and guides your 37 trillion cells to their specific duties.

The purpose of Infused Life Force Energy© is to help attendees or students discover the energy they already possess and then learn to amplify it or be a conduit for it.

It is my experience that the practice of giving and receiving energy keeps you at an optimal level of awareness and health. That awareness keeps you moving forward along your life’s path to meaning and purpose.

Infused Life Force Energy© is my particular way of expressing my knowledge and direct experience of Life Force Energy (LFE). It is the intention I have for its ultimate benefit that defines its essence.

It is my intention to demystify LFE and provide a simple and thorough methodology that enables the attendee to apply it in everyday life at an affordable investment.

Some of the benefits commonly reported by clients who have received Infused Life Force Energy© are an enhanced state of well-being and relaxation, improved insight, and improved health.*

The seminar day will guide the attendee methodically to an enhanced awareness of their base frequency through discussion and experiential exercises. The following is a sample of topics that will be covered and experienced on class day:

  • Breathing and how it is utilized to amplify your vibration: Simple and effective exercises will be shared in class
  • Guided Visualization: You will experience firsthand a slower, more relaxed brainwave state that makes healing optimal through a guided visualization
  • Key physical points of contact between giver and receiver when applying energy
  • Everyday applications of Life Force Energy; muscle testing and more
  • Chakra Energy System: an overview and explanation of how this system uses energy and disperses it throughout the body
  • Power of your Intention when applying energetic principles

*Individual results and experiences vary. This is not a guarantee that you will experience these common outcomes.

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