The Elements of Sound Healing 3: The Power of Intention

This article summarizes the elemental concept of intention as applied to sound healing. As you will see, there is much more than meets the eye with intention!

Synaptic Intentions

Synaptic Intentions

How it Works…?

Simply put, the general intention and then the specific intentions (or default mantra – see below) are imprinted into the resonance of the sound waves and carried to the receiver. That is at least part of the process. I don’t doubt that there is much, much more.

The Practitioner’s Intention

Much is said about the primacy of the practitioner’s intention. I have found that making the declaration for the highest good to be the best because it expresses our recognition that we do not begin to know what the recipient might need. Why limit what is possible by expressing only specific outcomes? I thank Source for the privilege of acting as a conduit and then get out of the way. My default mantra once the session commences centers around love and gratitude.

The Receiver’s Intention

In group settings, we take turns before meditation commences to share individual desires. The group setting lends a special quality to the intention of the whole; my experience of this phenomenon is beyond words. The receiver often has specific results in mind. I always advise the following affirmation in addition to the receiver’s requests: I am open to receive whatever it is I need at this moment in my life. Again, it is an open acknowledgement and mindful inclusion of the greater intelligence.

The Universal Intention (Source)

The Universe already knows what is needed and what is highest and best for all. My view is there is greater potential for healing when aligning with Source.

The inimitable Emerald Tablet

The inimitable Emerald Tablet

As above, so below.       – Emerald Tablet

…not my will, but yours, be done.        – Luke 22:42

Do You Doubt?

Thoughts are things. Focused thoughts are powerful things. If anyone has read this far and doubts the power of intention, there are mountains of mind-blowing examples. You can start with Masaru Emoto and his experiments with water.

Emoto’s work has been duplicated many times in laboratories all over the world.


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