Dallas Addiction Recovery Therapy


Individual, Group, and Family Counseling by Bryan Crusius, LPC.

Mental Heath

Prescription Drug Abuse, Codependency, Street Substance Abuse and all other dependencies; ranging from addiction (severe) to casual (mild) use.


NOW Available!

Life Enthusiasm:
A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery

by Bryan Crusius, LPC


• Are you looking for a path to Recovery beyond AA?
• Are you stuck on the advice to ‘connect with Spirit’?
• Looking for a path to Recovery that involves the whole person?
• Want to discover a path to your own personal Spirituality – free from any particular religious doctrine?
• Want a framework and method to recover your Life Enthusiasm?
Then you need to read this book!

Treatment Specialties

• Substance Abuse • Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse • Trauma and PTSD • Codependency • Anger Management • Behavioral Issues • Chronic Relapse • Depression • Anxiety or Fears • Coping Skills • Divorce • Family Conflict • Spirituality • Supportive Energy Therapies • Sound Healing • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique • Quantum Touch®

What is Infused Being Therapy and Counseling?

Infused Being Therapy by Bryan Crusius, LPC is an Integrated and Holistic Treatment Approach for substance-dependent individuals drawing from eclectic sources. Serving the Dallas, TX area.

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Dallas Addiction Recovery Therapy Bryan Crusius, LPC Infused Being Therapy
Bryan’s healing sessions takes me into deep states of well-being. The sounds, scents and energy invite my soul to let go and touch my true authentic self. Being in the proximity of your heartbeat signals my brain waves to openly receive healing and realize the exquisite healthy and whole being we each are. The sessions empower my heart to merge thought and emotions to realize miraculous peace, wholeness and compassion which starts for myself and expands to an ocean of compassion for all others. Through your sessions I feel pure calm, acceptance and positive focus. I thank you for the gift and have deep gratitude for your healings sessions. My wish is for others to treat themselves to such richness.